Pumphouse Finished!

A touch of evening sun brings out the detail of the model

5/14/20241 min read

Shamefully I don’t seem to have made time for a blog entry since the end of February, how time flies!

Pleasingly the engine shed and pump house are now finished. I have penned an article detailing the construction process for a forthcoming Model Railway Journal so I won’t go into detail here but encourage the reader to purchase the MRJ which is after all, an excellent publication, but then I’m biased! Yes I know, the brickwork on the chimney is terrible but it was a first attempt and I learned how to do it more carefully next time.

The photos were taken on a bench in my local field/nature reserve. Now that the Ironbridge Power Station has been demolished, the view is much better. The full morning sunlight was a bad choice but I was so pleased just to see some sun at all!

A close up of the engine shed roof and some very obedient ravens!

The back yard at first floor level with working lamp, a bit of a ‘cruel close up’ this one.

More sunny details on the rail side. It’s a pity this will actually face away from the viewing public but I do feel the operators of the layout deserve something to look at.