Handbuilding a Crossover

Chris takes on the first piece of trackwork building

4/12/20231 min read

Three long evenings over the Easter weekend provided the opportunity to build the cross-over which will sit at the far right end of the layout just before the occupation bridge. This was the first time I had ever done any track building and I can see why it's slightly addictive.

The sleepers are copperclad from Marcway and the rail is from the same source. I loosely followed the instructions that come with the SMP point kit but once I understood the basic principles it was relatively straightforward. Care must be taken to make sure that every part of it is in gauge but it all runs very smoothly and the final job will be to cut the surface of the copperclad to ensure all the correct electrical isolation.

Two more RH points to build for the layout and one LH to hide behind the embankment for the hidden run-round loop.