Clouds on the horizon

Painting a backscene! Chris' tries his hand at painting clouds...

4/7/20231 min read

The start of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend was blessed with some decent weather so I ventured outside with the backdrop for Coventry and after propping it up on my patio bench, I set-to with some emulsion. The general sky colour was a sort of duck egg colour applied with a roller and whilst still wet, using the same roller, I applied a section of sky blue to the upper third. These were blended simply by rolling back and forth until the seam disappeared.

Clouds were then added using a piece of torn sponge dipped in white primer and dabbed on, the underside of each cloud being blended and softened by rubbing and dabbing with a finger. Some darker shades were added using the eggshell mixed with a tiny amount of matt black.

In the end I created far too many clouds as I was enjoying the process too much so some of the lower clouds have since been blurred out by applying more eggshell. The next step will be to add some distant tree tops and possibly a distinctive church spire. More experimentation necessary!