Bury passenger loco progress

Scratch built engine frames & gearbox coming together

2/28/20231 min read

So as February draws to a close I managed to assemble the first gear box for one of the Bury 2-2-0 locos and loosely set up the components so far.Small bearings have been inserted to hold the shaft of the pinion and first 10T spur gear. This then drives a 20T spur on a fixed shaft which in turn transfers drive to another 20T spur on the driving axle. The 38:1 worm and pinion is therefore doubled giving a final drive ratio of 76:1. The two sides of the gearbox are held apart by 12BA bolts and nuts which after fine tuning to ensure everything is spaced perfectly in line and square, are soldered in place. This turned out to be a remarkably easy way of building the gearbox and since all the holes were drilled whilst the two sides were soldered together, everything was perfectly square, the fine thread on the bolts enabling the two sides to be spaced apart perfectly parallel. The final process will be to solder on the motor mounting plate which will hold the motor itself to the gearbox using the two tiny screws provided (as long as I don’t drop them on the floor)!One down, two to go…