Bury Loco Frames

Start of the building of the passenger locos

2/23/20231 min read

Is there ever a perfect time to start a blog? I’ve wondered what the beginning looks like as a certain amount of work has already been done towards our goal of producing as accurate as is practicably possible, a model of Coventry Station circa 1839. But perhaps a growing portfolio of tick-box jobs is the best way of eliminating the excuses not to make a start recording daily, or at least weekly progress. Other areas of this website will cover each aspect in more detail of course but this blog will cover small steps in as serious or as light hearted a manner as the mood takes me.So start the ball rolling here’s an image of this evenings milestone, three pairs of bar frames for three Bury 2-2-0 locomotives in EM gauge which will provide the backbone (and the rest of the skeleton for that matter) of passenger services passing through Coventry. The top bar is brass rod, rectangular in section whilst the bottom bar is round brass wire. Bearings for the driving axle have been added and the pins sticking up are the spring rods. These will be trimmed back once the springs have been added. Footplates and buffer beams have also been completed but I’ll include a phot of these once they’ve been fitted to the frames. Hornguides for the front axle are in place but I have yet to decide whether to provide springing for the leading axle or just solder bearings in and make-do with a rigid set up. With such a short four wheel chassis it possibly doesn’t matter.