Baseboards - Almost there

With a gap in the rain there was just enough time to set the baseboards up in the garden

2/24/20231 min read

A day off work provided the opportunity to drag the baseboards out of my cellar workshop (a task which in hindsight clearly requires two people as it nearly killed me), however the weather was not particularly obliging. All the woodwork had to be done in the cramped quarters of the cellar but I managed to complete the second turntable fiddle yard (for the London end) and fit both fiddle yards with their folding legs, an idea for which I must credit the very sensible Tom Nicholls! A spell between showers saw for the first time the full set-up which consists of a six foot section in the centre which will have Coventry station and the engine/carriage shed, bracketed at either end but the Warwick Road Bridge by the station and the occupation bridge at the London end. Reference to the photos will show the two turntable fiddle yards and the embankment which will be hollow to allow for a ‘behind the scenes’ return loop and point control etc. There should be space for a little stock storage too.The fold-down flap at the front was initially designed as an information board but in order to keep things looking tidy I think a nicely sign-written name board will be best. There is also a fold-up back scene but this is not fitted yet as there is still a fair amount of sanding and tidying of the woodwork to complete before I can start thinking about track etc.