A Lever frame for Coventry's points and signal operation

To operate the points and a signal, Chris uses a superb lever frame kit

10/30/20231 min read

A little more progress in the form of the lever frame for Coventry 1839. Levers 1-3 and 5 will control points. No 4 will control the lone signal or the little man with the flag, or both!

I had to shorten the levers to fit it in behind the station where it will be concealed from view. The frame with the red, yellow and white (spare) levers I built with standard length levers for a friends layout featuring Newark Crossing.

The kit itself is available from the Shropshire and Herefordshire Area Group (SHAG) of the Scalefour Society and a bloody good kit it is too. A pleasure to build, although I found the catch boxes a bit tight on the levers. Nothing a Swiss file couldn’t sort out though.